Hey There

Thanks for visiting - from Metro Detroit, Canada, England, Japan, and all around the world!  Tim Murray founded Detroit Tracks Records in 1983, at the same time Detroit radio stations were playing his single "Thinking of You." The reach of the internet and the public's ongoing love for Detroit music have once again brought Detroit Tracks to the forefront of the Motor City music scene.

Along with writing, recording and performing, Tim's passion is to continue to grow Detroit Tracks and to do his part to be a "keeper of the flame" of Motor City music.

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Detroit Tracks: What's Up?

We've laid low with live performing but have been busy studying, practicing, writing, planning and, mostly, listening to and learning even more about Motor City music.

We're curating our record collection and will be posting special items for sale.

We're also working on blogs, vlogs and lots of other barmy ideas.

So, we hope you continue to check in and stay well!





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